tcmalloc vs. jemalloc

Q: I have an application which allocates lots of memory and I am considering using a better memory allocation mechanism than malloc. My main options are: jemalloc and tcmalloc. Is there any benefits in using any of them over the other? There is a good comparison between some mechanisms (including the author’s proprietary mechanism — […]

7 Legal Documents for Your Tech Startup

When launching a startup, you want to make and keep your startup as valuable as possible. But in order to do that, your tech startup needs to ensure that (a) the intellectual property is owned by the startup, and (b) the co-founders who own the startup have proper incentives and rules to handle inevitable contingencies. […]

Zend Guard and “decoding tools”

People are often concerned about various technologies that exist that claim to reverse the protection provided by Zend Guard. We thought it was important to address it here. Zend Guard provides some of the best technology available to protect applications from reverse engineering but Zend has never claimed that Zend Guard is impervious to reverse […]

Swift for Scripting

So Swift 1.0 has come and gone, and Swift 1.1 is just around the corner. As we’re getting closer to a more stable shape for the language, I’m interested in its potential as a scripting language for OS X. In case you missed it, Swift can be used as a scripting language by invoking it […]