Restore Kvstore data from monogdb to data folder on Ecstore

First, you need comment out following lines in config/config.php define(‘KVSTORE_STORAGE’, ‘base_kvstore_mongodb’); define(‘MONGODB_SERVER_CONFIG’, ‘mongodb://localhost:27017’); it might be different than what you have. login your server under SSH, run /ecstore_path/app/base/cmd kvrecovery a kvstore folder will be generated under data folder.

Ecstore Couldn’t lock the file ! Error

If you experience below errors in ECstore: Couldn’t lock the file ! #0 base_cache_secache_model->trigger_error(Couldn’t lock the file !, 256) called at [/home/wwwroot/app/base/lib/cache/secache/model.php:368] #1 base_cache_secache_model->_format(1) called at [/home/wwwroot/app/base/lib/cache/secache/model.php:640] #2 base_cache_secache_model->trigger_error(Can’t open the cachefile: /home/wwwroot/data/cache/secache.php, 256) called at [/home/wwwroot/app/base/lib/cache/secache/model.php:77] #3 base_cache_secache_model->workat(/home/wwwroot/data/cache/secache) called at [/home/wwwroot/app/base/lib/cache/secache.php:23] #4 base_cache_secache->__construct(app Object ([] => ,[] => ,[] => ,[] => ,[] => […]

Ecstore Nginx Rewrite Rules

To remove index.php from ECstore URL, you have to add following code to nginx.conf (/usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf) if ($request_uri ~ (.+?\.php)(|/.+)$ ){ break; } if (!-e $request_filename) { rewrite ^/(.*)$ /index.php/$1 last; } and change false to true in config.php define(‘WITH_REWRITE’,true); restart nginx /etc/init.d/nginx restart so your nginx.conf should look like this: server { listen 80; server_name […]