Transfer files from a Windows PC to Mac using an Ethernet Cable

This is quite handy when you have windows and mac laptops, and you can’t find any wifi hotspots or USB drives to use.


Step 1
Plug one end of your Ethernet Cable into your Windows PC, and the other end of your cable into your Mac.

Step 2
Press Start, and type Network and Sharing Center and press enter. Once in Network and Sharing Center Go to the left column and click Change Adapter Settings.

Step 3
You should see a range of Network connections, There should be a network named Local Area Connection, double click on Local Area Connection and a window should come up with the general information. Click on the Details Button.

Step 4
There should be a line that says “Autoconfiguration IPv4 add” for now, just remember that. At this point you should choose the file or folder that you would like to share with your Mac. Right Click on the File/Folder and go down to “Share With” > “Specific People” in the Area for the name you are going to have to type “Guest” and now click “Add.” You will now have to go over to Permission Levels and Change the Guest permissions from “Read” to “Read/Write” Press Next and we are now Ready to Continue.


Step 5
First off, open up Finder. whilst in finder press “cmd + k” at the same time. At this time another window should pop up saying “Connect to a Server” all you need to do is enter “smb://YOUR AUTOCONFIGURATION IPV4 ADDRESS” Now press “Connect” and log on as Guest.

Step 6
You should now be able to access and share files between both Computers. but
if your Mac says “this file server does not allow Guest access.” Here’s what you have to do on the Windows side:
1. Control Panel/User Accounts/Manage Another Account. Then turn on Guest account.
2. Control Panel/Network and Sharing Center/Change advanced sharing settings. Then scroll down, select “Turn off password protected sharing.” Save Changes.
Restart your Windows computer. Then follow the previous instructions.

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